Aspen Family Counseling Office

Aspen Family Counseling
is a unique, full-service, outpatient community resource specializing in comprehensive consultation, evaluation and psychotherapy for:
families, individuals, specialized groups, schools and businesses.

Do I need therapy? Is there something wrong with me if I do? These kinds of questions deeply concern those struggling in their lives. People enter our practice for one common reason: to enhance the quality of their lives.

Feeling lonely, betrayed, frustrated, confused, stuck or any combination of these emotions impairs our ability to live the life we desire. Failed or unfulfilling relationships, unsuccessful or disappointing career situations, general dissatisfaction, apathy, crisis, trauma and death are among the many reasons to explore therapy.
Contrary to certain myths, therapy is not for people who are "deranged", “messed up”, "weird" or are unable to contribute to society. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Therapy serves as a positive medium which allows people to develop a deeper understanding of themselves in our increasingly complex world, so that they may make productive decisions which lead to their own personal happiness.
Through the work we do together, people redesign their lives and emerge with a powerful sense of self, and as a result, the ability to enjoy life in a most rich and meaningful way.